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UDM.MARKET has developed a system for accepting H&U payments for utilities. By purchasing the franchise, you will be able to provide a payment processing service to the management companies of your city and receive a stable income from each payment.

Key indicators that we take as a basis in the housing sector

A city with a population of 650,000 has an average of 13,000,000 million square meters of living space (including basements, attics, entrances - residents also pay for them). It turns out 20 square meters per person in the city. 

The average payment for utilities for a 50 square meter apartment is 4500 rubles - 60$. 

  • Payment for heating is 2100 rubles per month - 28$
  • Payment for hot water supply is 500 rubles per month - 7$
  • Payment for cold water supply is 200 rubles per month - 3$
  • Payment for sewerage is 200 rubles per month - 3$
  • Payment for the management company services is 1,500 rubles per month - 20$

The total is an average payment for utilities of 90 rubles (1,2$) per month for 1 square meter, or 1800 rubles (24$) from one resident in the city.

Commissions for accepting payments for utilities through UDM.MARKET

We recommend our franchisee set their own commission from 0.1% on all payments (this is the income that the franchisee begins to receive from all payments).

The bank's commission on the Quick Payments System by QR code is 0.4% (and is fully compensated by the Government of the Russian Federation until the end of 2021 by order of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin, link to the order

UDM.MARKET service commission is fixed 0.1% of all payments (royalties are automatically withheld monthly).

How much will you earn from a city with a population of 100,000 people

100,000 people x 1,800 rubles (24$) monthly payments for utilities = 180,000,000 million rubles (2,415,600$) in monthly payments from all residents.

You earn from 0.1% of all payments 180 million x 0.1% = 180,000 rubles (2415$) of your monthly revenue in ideal conditions.

How much will you earn from one small Management Company

A Small Management Company maintains an average of 200,000 square meters of housing (that's about 4,000 apartments or 50 managed houses).

We take an average monthly payment of 90 rubles (1,2$) (hot water supply, cold water supply, sewerage, heating, Management Company) from 1 square meter for utilities per month multiplied by 200,000 square meters = 18,000,000 rubles (241,560$) of monthly payments from the population.

You earn from 0.1% of all payments 18 million x 0.1% = 18,000 (241,56$) rubles of your monthly revenue in ideal conditions.

In practice, 30% of residents immediately start using our payment acceptance system, because it is convenient and does not require registration of a personal account. We take at the rate of 18,000,000 million rubles of monthly payments from one small Management Company, multiply by 30% of all payments = 5,400,000 rubles (72468%) will be paid monthly through UDM.MARKET for utilities from the first month with a further increase in volume. We multiply 5,400,000 rubles by the franchisee's commission 0.1% = 5,400 rubles (72$) per month of constant passive income with a further increase in volume.

With one small Management Company you earn 5,400 rubles or 72$ a month. 

How much do you need to connect a management company for a monthly income of 50,000 rubles - 670$

In order for you to consistently earn 50,000 rubles a month, you need to connect either 10 small Management Companies or 1 large one.

For example, in Izhevsk, with a population of 650,000 people, 207 management companies and HOAs work according to

Why Management Companies and HOAs need UDM.MARKET service for accepting payments for utility bills

1. The state will compensate the bank rate for payments through the Quick Payments System via QR codes until the end of 2021 with a possible extension. The acceptance of payments for Management Companies becomes 0.2%.

An example of calculating savings for a Management Company or HOA

200,000 square meters of housing x 90 rubles monthly payments = 18,000,000 rubles (241560$) monthly payments for utilities are accepted by the MC or HOA. 

The bank's commission for accepting payments for utilities averages 1.7% of the payment amount.

18,000,000 rubles of monthly payments for utilities x 1.7% commission = 306,000 rubles (4106$) monthly paid by the Criminal Code or HOA to the bank. 

The UDM.MARKET service commission for accepting payments for utility services is 0.2% until the end of 2021 with a possible extension of the subsidy. 

18,000,000 rubles of monthly payments for utilities x 0.2% of the UDM.MARKET commission = 36,000 rubles (483$) monthly paid by the management company or HOA to UDM.MARKET instead of 1.7% to the bank. 

To calculate the savings for the management company and the HOA, we will deduct the more beneficial UDM.MARKET commission from the bank's commission. 306,000 rubles minus 36,000 rubles = savings even for a small management company or HOAs in 50 houses will amount to 270,000 rubles or 3623$ per month! 

2. UDM.MARKET does not require opening a new current account, as it sends money through the correspondent account of the Central Bank to a current account in any bank of the Russian Federation.

3. UDM.MARKET generates payment registers for automatic integration with any accounting system of the MC or HOA, for example, 1C or BARS. This eliminates the human factor and reduces unnecessary jobs.

4. Management Companies, by law, must make one of the types of payment acceptance free of charge for the population. Now the management company has to organize cash points for this, which poses the risks of storing funds in the office and a lot of traffic of people during a pandemic.

An example of calculating a cash point

  • The cashier's salary is 20,000 rubles per month + taxes 8.000 rubles per month for a total of 28,000 rubles (375$) per month for cashier expenses. 
  • Rent of 4 square meters of the place is 1600 rubles (21,5$) per month.
  • Encashment from 0.3% through ATMs, and even more expensive through the bank's courier service. On average, 30% of payments for utilities in the management company are made in cash (mostly pensioners) = 5.4 million monthly payments for 200,000 square meters of housing x 30% of pensioners x 0.3% commission for cash collection = 16,200 rubles (217$) per month.

Total 45.800 rubles (615$) of expenses per month for the maintenance of the cash register.

Through UDM.MARKET, expenses will amount to 36,000 rubles (483$) with the exclusion of human factor risks, without storing funds in the office and without the need for encashment.

5. The increase in collection of payments is a very important indicator for the Management Company, since the services of all contractors are paid from these funds and the shortage directly affects the financial position of the management company.

The UDM.MARKET service for accepting payments works 24/7, a payer does not need to register a personal account. 

The ability to place a QR code on a payment order, in an entrance, in an elevator, sending a code by SMS, e-mail or in a messenger. 

6. Creation of a payment site for the Management Company of 600,000 square meters of housing is free of charge, for the rest of the UK and HOA is 10,000 rubles at a time.

7. UDM.MARKET allows you to collect readings from metering units (cold water meters, hot water meters, etc.).

What does a franchisee 

1. Finds the management company and HOAs, negotiates, coordinates the formats of the registers, sends them for connection to UDM.MARKET.

2. Helps to collect constituent documents from the management company to connect to the Quick Payments System of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

3. Controls the monthly payment of bills for UDM.MARKET services from the management company and HOA.

4. Receives monthly income from all payments of residents in a convenient format. 

What does UDM.MARKET

1. UDM.MARKET - software developer - ensures its stable operation.

2. Daily uploads registers of payments to the MC 

3. Issues monthly invoices for MCs and HOAs

4. Pays commission to franchisees on a monthly basis

Who is the UDM.MARKET Registered payments franchise suitable for?

If you work in the sphere of consumer services for the population or construction, or you are a supplier in housing and communal services.

If you are not familiar with the housing sector, we will provide you with instruction. 

Who can be UDM.MARKET Registered payments franchisee?

1. Individual (taxes 42%)

2. Self-employed (taxes 6%)

3. IE or LLC (taxes depend on the regime 6% -20%)

Franchise cost for UDM.MARKET Registered payments

One-time payment of 0.025 rubles (0,00034$) per 1 square meter of serviced area. 

The minimum purchase is 50,000 rubles or 670$ (2,000,000 sq.m. - 10 small management companies or one large one).

What do you get for this cost

1. Permanent passive income - people pay for utilities - you get interest.

2. Does not require your daily attention (after connecting, you communicate with the Management Company once a month after the invoice has been issued to receive payment)

3. Does not require an office, equipment, furniture, you can manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Where else can UDM.MARKET Registered payments be applied. 

1. Schools and kindergartens (payment for security, additional education, video surveillance, food)

2. Internet providers 

3. Intercoms

4. Fitness centers, SPAs, swimming pools

5. Payment for gas, electricity 

6. Fines, taxes

7. Any subscription or rent (service industry, markets, etc.)

How much will the UDM.MARKET Registered payments franchise pay off.  

To summarize, for 50,000 rubles (670$) you get the right to serve 2,000,000 square meters, and this is with 30% payments: 

The first month - 1 small MC- your income is 5.400 rubles or 72$ per month,

The second month - 3 small management companies - your income is 16.200 rubles or 217$ per month

The third month - 7 small management companies - your income is 37.800 rubles or 507$ per month

The fourth month - 10 small management companies - your income is 54,000 rubles or 725$ per month


1 large management company - your income is 54,000 rubles per month.

The payback period is 3 months.

With 100% payments, you will receive a stable income of 180,000 rubles (2416$) per month! 

Click the "Add to cart" button to instantly purchase a franchise . Any questions you can ask us in the chat or by email

The example of how UDM.MARKET Registered payments works is on a special test site Enter the numbers of the following personal accounts to check the formation of a QR code for payment 02010410000111, 02010410000112, 02010410000113. Payments using these codes are not processed.

Territories where UDM.MARKET Registered payments franchisees already operate

  • Russia, Kirov region completely.
  • Russia, Republic of Mari El completely.
  • Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk completely.
Сергей М.
Идеальная франшиза из всех, что я видел! Я совмещаю с основной работой и мне не нужно было вообще ничего для запуска! Ни офиса, ни работников. Провожу сам переговоры уже с четвертой управляющей компанией, всем нравится! После этого надо только контролировать оплату счетов за услуги приема платежей один раз в месяц и ВСЁ!
Алексей Моторин
У нас в городе оплата за детский сад это прямо беда, выдают вместо квитанций бумажки с реквизитами и суммой, причем на дополнительные услуги отдельная бумажка и каждый платеж надо отдельно проводить либо в кассе Сбербанка за дополнительный процент, либо самому вбивать все эти реквизиты в приложении на телефоне. С помощью данной франшизы реализуем прием платежей по куар кодам и ссылкам. Размещаем их прямо в группах в детских садах на входе, а также рассылками в группы родителей и через мессенджеры. Людям теперь будет платить намного легче, а значит и долгов у садиков меньше станет. Спасибо за классную разработку!
Валерий Арсентьев
Хорошо, что сняли видео о франшизе, все доступно объясняете. Разработка очень интересная, у нас свой расчетный центр и проблемы, которые вы описали, они действительно есть у управляющих компаний. Планируем внедрить ваш продукт у себя, спасибо за адекватную цену!
Олег Буторин
Отправил запрос на город Тюмень! Классная идея!
Михаил Заварзин
Удобный программный продукт. Главное, что мне самому не надо в нем разбираться и клиенту не надо разбираться, всё делается на вашей стороне, это радует. Запускаем на первые 10 управляющих компаний, далее будем расширять лицензию.
Хочу запустить ваш бизнес по приему платежей в Казахстане. Сделал заказ. Работаю в сфере коммунальных услуг. Спасибо за видео, все подробно рассказываете, стало понятно, что это очень поможет обслуживающим компаниям и я могу зарабатывать на этом.
Слушайте, это просто франшиза мечты, даже не надо работать ежедневно! Запустил несколько платежных сайтов для управляющих компаний и получаю % от оплат. Ссылку на сайты управляющие компании размещают в виде куар кода у себя в платежках за коммунальные услуги. Причем процент моей комиссии не ограничивается, что мне очень понравилось, как договоритесь с управляйкой, хоть 2%, хоть 10%. Делать такой сайт самостоятельно для них стоит более миллиона рублей, а здесь они получают его бесплатно.

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