Hot water supply modules of the "VIN-GVS-E" type

Made in Udmurtia
170 500.00 

Designed to obtain hot water supply, both in a direct-flow way and for connection to various standard and non-standard consumer containers. The storage tank for the VIN-GVS-E module is selected by the customer, based on his needs, to create a supply of hot water for the period of “peak” consumption during the day. The VIN-GVS-E module is manufactured on the basis of the VIN vortex induction heater and has all its advantages and properties.

The use of the VIN-GVS-E module with a storage tank can significantly reduce the installed power of the heating device (in comparison with flow heating), and eliminate a number of frequently occurring restrictions, the solution of which entails significant monetary costs (over the cable section, according to the permissible permitted power, etc.).

Scope of application:
Autonomous hot water supply and heating systems for administrative and industrial buildings and structures. Autonomous systems of local hot water supply to dispersed consumers.

Advantages of installations with storage tanks:

a possible decrease in the installed power of the used heater by a factor of two or more, compared with flow-through electric heaters.
smoothing of "peak" moments of power consumption and water consumption. The ability to carry out the main heating of water in tanks, up to the maximum temperature at night, with reduced electricity tariffs. At the moment of peak consumption, use the hot water accumulated in the tank, and at the minimum water consumption, the module operates in the mode of maintaining the temperature in the storage tank. The VIN-GVS-E module can be used to heat water for technological purposes.

Made in Udmurtia :

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