Board game-adventure "Nylash iz Glazov"

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Board game-adventure around Glazov with marked sights. In the game, we move around the map with the help of a dice and chips. When you hit one of the colored circles, draw in a card of a certain color. The composition of the game: 3 bonus cards, 1 initial card, 26 action cards, an A3 format card, 6 epoxy chips to choose from (bow, sock, hat, note, tree, a piece of cheese, squirrel, snowflake, cat, bunny, snowman, deer, heart, droplet, puzzle, cherry, whale, dolphin, elephant, five-leaf or four-leaf flower, apple).

Кушакова Е.Н. Изделия собственного изготовления: развивающие настольные игры, украшения из эпоксидной смолы, фоамирана и лент.

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