Portable press "Rys-12M" for reloading 12-gauge hunting guns

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"Lynx-12M" is a convenient and compact portable press machine, with which you can independently restore and reload hunting cartridges at home or on the hunt in any weather conditions. 

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"Lynx-12M" is a convenient and compact portable press machine, with which you can independently restore and reload hunting cartridges at home or on the hunt in any weather conditions. The machine allows you to automate, simplify and improve this process as much as possible:

  1. The cartridge to load is located precisely on the working surface and shellholder; it is conveniently held and moved on the machine.
  2. It is easy to position, restore the geometric shape and size of the inflated spent cartridge casing.
  3. The press is equipped with five posts that allow you to perform the necessary work - from the decapsulation of the spent cartridge casing to the closing of the cartridge.
  4. All parts are made on modern CNC turning and milling machines, so the hunter can load cartridges with high accuracy and quality.
  5. Each press before sale passes quality control and adjustment of all knots and mechanisms. It is completely ready for use, no additional tools are required during the work.
  6. The press for cartridges allows you to work while sitting and see the moment when the working tool approaches the shell fixed on the bottom plate. It is enough to apply force to the handle, located at shoulder level, without changing its position.
  7. The quality of the cartridge reloaded with this press is close to the factory one, and the price is 3 times lower than that of a new cartridge in the store.
  8. The assembly and restoration of the cartridge will take from 1 to 2 minutes.

Technology and materials

The press machine for loading 12 gauge cartridges is made of aluminum alloys and high quality steel, therefore it is lightweight and durable:

  • The device weighs only 3.7 kg, and it is convenient to transport and carry to the place of hunting. 
  • Matrices are made of aluminum alloy, which increases their service life by 3 times in comparison with analogs for HIPS, made from metal powder by pressing. Matrix capacity allows you to reload 20,000+ cartridges.
  • The press bed is made by laser cutting and spot welding. The metal is reliably protected from wear, does not overheat, which means that its geometry does not change. 
  • ZEDEX® Anti-Friction Composite replacing the bronze bushing operates without lubrication and protects the center stem from galling and backlash.

How to work with the press

The device is used to restore hunting cartridges with plastic shells. The latter can be both with a low and with a high skirt and sizes from 70 to 76 mm. The work includes several operations:

  1. Using a decapsulator and a crimp tube, decapsulate and calibrate the spent casing, as well as correct the primer seat to restore the geometric shape and dimensions of the spent casing.
  2. Using a priming tool, encapsulate the case and crimp the primer seat of the case from the inside.
  3. Pour in gunpowder and install a wad container with a shot or bullet shell.
  4. To finish loading and closing a new cartridge, follow three steps:
    • close it with a six-pointed universal star for calibers 12, 16, 20
    • run the closure with a 12.20 gauge hemming die to form the sides of the case
    • roll the case with a 12.20 gauge pressure die.

With the correct setting, the device can also close new cartridges, but for this it is recommended to install a bushing instead of a bearing that runs along the main rod.

You can buy a press machine for loading 12-gauge cartridges from a manufacturer that produces a series of high-quality accessories under the Agile Hunter brand. Equipment warranty - 1 year.

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ООО "НПО Спектр" Ижевский пресс «Рысь» для снаряжения охотничьих патронов 12 калибра. Это компактный пресс с пятью постами (матрицами), которые позволяют обжать и декапсюлировать гильзу, установить новый капсюль, установить пыж-контейнер и закрыть патрон шестилучевой звездой в три этапа, что исключает отсутствие брака при сборке патрона. Комплект матриц для формовки «звездочкой» позволяет добиться очень высокого качества снаряжаемых патронов. Благодаря этому патроны не застревают и не клинятся в патроннике. Патроны снаряжённые с помощью данных матриц (звезда) без «клинов» работают в полуавтоматическом оружии. Ижевский пресс «Рысь» позволяет максимально автоматизировать процесс, в результате качество патрона снаряжённого при помощи этого пресса максимально приближено к заводскому. Производство в г. Ижевск. Данный пресс изготовлен в рамках импортозамещения, аналогов на рынке РФ нет. Комплектность пресса. 1. Корпус Ижевский пресс «Рысь» в сборе с шеллхолдером под 12 калибр, штоком с втулкой (Антифрикционные композиты бренда ZEDEX ®), четырьмя рычагами с 7 подшипниками и втулками, основной и подвижной плитами, направляющей с втулкой и упором с двумя шпильками– 1 шт. 2. Упор-Основание под корпус — 1 шт. 3. Декапсюлятор для извлечения капсюлей– 1 шт. 4. Обжимная металлическая трубка для обжима донца стрелянной гильзы. 5. Капсюлятор металлический на шпильке – 1 шт. 6. Стакан капсюлятора с пружиной, упором и крышкой. 7. Ручка с пластиковой насадкой, упор для рычагов – 1 шт. 8. Матрица на шпильке «Звезда» тип «Корона» -1 шт. 9. Матрица на шпильке для закрытия гильзы — 1 шт. 10. Матрица на шпильке для окончательной завальцовки гильзы – 1 шт. 12. Упаковка для пресса – 1 шт. Доставка почта России наложенным платежом.

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