Device for electromagnetic water treatment

Made in Udmurtia

In regions with very hard water and water of medium hardness, in the case of individual water supply (well), there is a risk of limescale formation.

One millimetre of limescale increases energy costs by 10%. What if there is a layer of limescale of 2-3 millimetres the walls of the devices? That is right; we lost 30% of the heat. All this reduces the service life of the devices. The equipment breaks down and is often not repairable.

Water4Force can remove any limescale and prevent it from reappearing.

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Structurally, the device is a microprocessor-controlled generator of high-frequency electromagnetic pulses with a variable frequency level of the radio signal.

In this case, microcrystals suspended in water are formed with a size of several microns. These microcrystals no longer stick to the walls, do not stick to and do not settle to the bottom. They are not visible to the eye; they hang in a mass of water and, if necessary, can be filtered. Thus, the device prevents the formation of limescale.

Made in Udmurtia :

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