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In regions with very hard water and water of medium hardness, in the case of individual water supply (well), there is a risk of limescale formation.

One millimetre of limescale increases energy costs by 10%. What if there is a layer of limescale of 2-3 millimetres the walls of the devices? That is right; we lost 30% of the heat. All this reduces the service life of the devices. The equipment breaks down and is often not repairable.

Water4Force can remove any limescale and prevent it from reappearing.

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Water4force - life without limescale deposits. Remedies against scale in the water supply system have existed for more than 50 years. The essence of the mechanism of operation of these devices boils down to the fact that they act on water by an electromagnetic field, contributing to the formation of microcrystals of scale salts dissolved in water. These microcrystals can no longer adhere to heated surfaces. The method has proven itself both in the prevention of lime deposits and in the fight against existing scale, softening plaque and contributing to the cleaning of water supply systems. The device does not have direct contact with water, does not change its chemical composition, it is installed on top of the water supply pipe.

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The principle of action of our device is based on the fact that after electromagnetic treatment of water, calcium salts (the basis of scale) are combined into crystals that cannot be fixed on the surfaces of the water heater, and they remain free of scale. WATER4force effectively protects against scale heating elements of water heaters (boilers, water distillers, steam generators).

The device does not have direct contact with water, does not change its chemical composition, and is installed on top of a pipe supplying water. The WATER4force can be installed on pipes made of plastic, copper, stainless steel and other non-magnetic materials.

Benefits of using the WATER4force electromagnetic water treatment device:

Each millimeter of scale increases energy costs by 5-10%, using WATER4force will save up to 20%.
The consumption of detergents is reduced by 30-50%, and there is no need to use anti-scale agents.
The service life of water heating equipment is extended and its overhaul interval is increased by 2-3 times.
If there is already scale in the system, WATER4force will help to get rid of it.
  WATER4force is marked with the Sign "Made in Udmurtia" - high-quality goods and services of manufacturers of the Udmurt Republic.

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