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Main active ingredients: sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid, functional components.
The classic disinfectant embodied in new technologies.
High efficiency and economy.
1 tablet - 10 liters of working solution.
Good solubility.
High content of active chlorine (tablets - 56%).
The content of active chlorine corresponds to the declared parameters throughout the entire shelf life of working solutions.
Microbiocidal activity against:
Gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including pathogens of tuberculosis, nosocomial and highly dangerous infections, spore forms of bacteria) Pathogenic fungi (including fungi of the genus Candida and dermatophytes) Viruses (including viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitis, poliomyelitis, HIV, influenza, including H1N1 , H5N1, etc.)
Registration certificate.

Made in Udmurtia :