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OKFIL Window Filter Air Valve for Plastic Windows

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Innovative window filters - fresh air with closed windows! Installation on 90% of types of PVC, aluminum and wood windows, even on fixed frame windows without sashes! No need to change the windows.

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Imagine that it has become fresh and comfortable at home or in the office, and you have forgotten about the noise and stuffiness forever. Now this is possible!


This is a window filter - a compact air valve for plastic, wood and aluminum windows with a replaceable filter element. It is mounted on the window profile and immediately starts to work - to purify the air and create a comfortable microclimate in the room, even with closed windows. Since 2014, we have manufactured and installed 150,000 window filters in 85 cities in 17 countries. Many clients order them from us on the advice of friends and family.

Reliable technology for any weather, works in cold weather down to -55 °С

To fully ventilate the rooms, you need to keep the windows open for a long time. But then noise, dust and drafts cannot be avoided. And in the cold season, you run the risk of catching a cold. Window filters are the solution to all problems - they provide fresh air when the windows are closed. If there are children or pets in the room, this ensures their safety.


Easy to replace cartridge


The frequency of replacing the filter element (cartridge) depends on the level of air pollution in your area. If your windows face a busy roadway, or you live in an industrial area, replacement may be required more often. Replacing the cartridge is cheaper than treatment.

Please watch the full video tutorial or download the installation manual.

By installing OKFIL Window Filters, you do not lose the warranty for your windows, which is confirmed by letter No. 174 of 08/17/2017 NIUPTs "MIO", subject to the installation rules. If you want to install window filters yourself, be sure to watch our video tutorial.

How are OKFIL Window Filters different from other fresh air valves?

OKFIL Window Filters is a unique technical development that has an international patent. The innovative technology cleans the incoming air and at the same time protects from noise and frost, without violating the frame design and warranty for it, which is confirmed by the documents. OKFIL Window Filters work stably in winter down to -55 °C, which is confirmed by tests and do not emit a "whistle" in strong winds, in contrast to "slot" valves, which are installed instead of the window seal between the frame and the sash.

Will the apartment be cold?

In cold weather, the air passes through the window filters slowly over the battery and has time to heat up to a comfortable temperature. If the battery does not work well, you can regulate the air flow or completely block it with a valve.

How long is the service life of a window filter?

The body of the device will last as long as the window, therefore we give an unlimited warranty for it. A fine filter element is enough for 4-6 months, then it needs to be replaced with a new one. The coarse filter element can be washed without replacement.

Does the filter freeze outside in winter?

No, as it is made of frost-resistant material that does not absorb moisture. Frost can appear on the home part of the window filter only if the in-house exhaust system is clogged, the window filter is closed and a lot of cooking and washing is done in the apartment in one room, when the outside temperature is below -25 °C. In this case, the window filter continues to work, and the frost can be removed with a dry cloth.

Can I order a window filter in a different color?

Yes. We sell white and brown colors without surcharges, and if you need a different color, then check the box "Individual color" and indicate in the comments to the order the color number according to the RAL table.


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OKFIL Window Filters / Оконные Фильтры

OKFIL Window Filters designs and manufactures innovative supply air valves with air purification and noise insulation, especially for cold regions. The company's mission is clean air to every home. OKFILWindow Filter allows you to ventilate the room with closed windows with protection against street noise, fine dust, car and factory emissions, and does not consume electricity at all. OKFIL Window Filters operate at outside temperatures from +60 °C to -55 °C, a unique technology protects the valve from freezing and airborne noise.


OKFIL Window Filters are already installed in 17 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Macedonia, Georgia, UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada.


Business site www.okfil.biz (franchises, dealerships, training)

International website www.okfil.com

E-mail sales@okfil.com

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