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Instructions for Vendors (Sellers)

Marketplace UDM.MARKET is an electronic storefront of goods and services for exporters and importers, targeted at wholesale and retail buyers in 197 countries. Companies can list their products and services on UDM.MARKET in multiple languages. 

UDM.MARKET is supported by the Government of the Udmurt Republic, as well as by Russian trade missions in 29 countries.

Listing on UDM.MARKET in catalog mode is free with no limit on the number of product and service cards, as long as the company and product cards are filled out and order processing requirements are met. 

Merchants can use the payment acceptance features of UDM.MARKET if they wish. In this case there is a fixed commission of 9% of the payment amount for all categories.

Vendors have access to operator assistance on a paid basis to create high quality selling content (photos, headlines, text, professional translation, advertising) and to process and deliver orders in any language of the world. 

Who can become a vendor (seller)

Manufacturers, trading companies, service companies from Russia and other countries, in order to promote and sell goods and services on international markets. Obligatory condition - the goods must be own production, or made on the contractual production under the trademark of the seller. For trading companies the permission from producer in written form or dealers' contract without limitation on sales territory for unlimited number of countries is obligatory. 

To place the goods of third parties, you must have a written consent of the manufacturer on the possibility of selling goods of that manufacturer by your company, without limitation of sales across the regions of Russia and other countries, as UDM.MARKET is an export and international marketplace. Manufacturer must write a letter for you to marketplace UDM.MARKET that your company is the official distributor for sales to an unlimited number of countries and manufacturer refuses to register independently on the marketplace UDM.MARKET. These rules were implemented to reduce the number of intermediary companies and represent on the Marketplace only manufacturers and their official exclusive distributors without limitation of sales territory.

How to register as a vendor (seller)

You need to go to the site udm.market and at the bottom click "Apply for a vendor account", fill out the form and wait for confirmation by email. You will get access to the administration panel immediately, but information about your company and the list of products will be available to the buyer only after checking by our specialists within 2-3 working days. If there is no response within that period, please email us on the "Operator assistance" page.

How the vendor can log in to the site

You need to go to the site udm.market and at the bottom click "Vendor's administration panel", enter username and password that came in the mail after the registration. When you successfully enter the marketplace, select the language EN at the top of the menu, if you have autodetected Russian.

What languages are available

Right now UDM.MARKET is available in Russian and English, and six more languages will be added soon. 

Requirements for completing the company card

After registering and receiving a password by email, you will be able to change the company description.

Set the company logo, otherwise the UDM.MARKET logo will be set automatically. The recommended size of the logo to upload is 120x120 pixels.

Company name must contain a legal entity or a brand name in English.

Company description should be in English and Russian, the recommended length of the description is 200-300 characters with the key activities, year of foundation and experience. First, fill in the description in English, save your changes, and then you will be able to fill in the description in Russian.

Requirements for filling out product cards

Your product and service cards will be approved if the following conditions are met.


The title in the product card must be made necessarily in English and Russian. If you have chosen the English interface language, then at first the card is created in English, after saving there will be an opportunity to switch to the Russian version and replace the text in it from English to Russian. 

To compose a selling headline, you need to study popular words in search engines for your products or services. In Russian you can use the service Yandex Wordstat, in English Google Trends.

The title should be from 60 to 140 characters. The most important part of the title should be within 80 characters with spaces.


For goods must be uploaded to the gallery at least 5 photos from different angles, the first photo, preferably on a white background so that the object stands out clearly from the background, for large goods (machines, cars) is possible in the room and in the open area. The object must occupy 80% of the photo space.

For services, at least 5 photos with examples of services.

For tourism, at least 5 photos with the obligatory inclusion of the location itself and the general plan of the object.

For digital goods at least 5 photos with examples of work (screenshots, etc).

Description of the product or service

The description in the product card must be made necessarily in English and Russian. If you have chosen the English interface language, then at first the card is created in English, after saving there will be an opportunity to switch to the Russian version and replace the text in it from English to Russian. 

The description in English and Russian separately must be at least 500 characters with spaces. It is mandatory to have information about composition, size, weight and other key characteristics of the product. For the service, what it includes.

The description can additionally include infographics, photos, certificates. This will help increase the amount of orders.


At UDM.MARKET you can receive wholesale and retail orders. 

We recommend creating different product cards for wholesale and retail orders, this allows you to apply more settings. In every card specify a corresponding wholesale or retail price. Be sure to choose "wholesale" or "retail" order type from the characteristics tab, this will allow you to merge the cards for easy switching between them for the customer.

You can specify additional discounts for order quantities in units.

You can limit the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a retail or wholesale order e.g. 5 or 100 pieces and you can set it yourself.

Or you can create one product card for wholesale and retail orders and specify there wholesale discounts.

In the edit mode of the card you can select the tab "Wholesale prices" and specify different prices depending on the number of lots. When the buyer places an order this price will be automatically recalculated. Initially prices are in rubles, in other currencies Marketplace converts them automatically at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia daily.


In the edit mode of the product card in the "Modules" tab, you can insert a link to a video posted on the YouTube service. This video will be displayed in the gallery of photos and videos.

If you want to install a video directly in the product description in Russian and English separately, please inform the administration of the marketplace at info@udmmarket.ru.


To be able to quickly find a product on UDM.MARKET you need to specify keywords for the search.

In the edit mode of the product card in the "General" tab in the "Search keywords" section set the keywords separated by commas.


Please select only those categories that directly relate to your product or service. Selecting too many categories or selecting categories that are not relevant to your product or service may result in the information being corrected by the moderators or not passing the initial moderation.

If you can't find the right category, or if a category for your product or service does not exist in the catalog, please contact us at info@udmmarket.ru and we will create a category for you.

If you want all this work to be done by our specialists on a paid basis, write to us at info@udmmarket.ru or on the "Operator assistance" page.

Order processing requirements

When processing orders, the vendor must respond to the buyer within 24 hours on business days and change the status of the order in the vendor's administration panel. If you are unable to respond to orders on your own within this timeframe, ask for assistance from our specialists on the "Operator assistance" page.

How to change company information

Go to Vendors -> Vendors in the top menu and click on the name of your company in the list. Fill in all fields of the form in the tabs "General", "Modules", "Description", "Logos". 

Please note that you must fill out the information in English and Russian, this is a prerequisite for working with the marketplace. First, fill in the English language and press the "Save" button in the upper right corner, then switch the language at the top of the form to Russian, fill in the form and press "Save" again. 

The recommended logo size for uploading is 120x120 pixels.

Pay special attention to the tab "Modules" and the field SEO in it. Here you can enter the address of your store for Russian and English versions of the site, for example https://udm.market/okfil-windo... and https://udm.market/okfil-okonnye-filtry/.

If you do not manage to fill out the card yourself, you can ask for help from our specialists on the "Operator assistance" page.