Axe «Viking-Souvenir»

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The "Viking-Souvenir" axe will serve as an excellent gift and a souvenir, and it does it's work as well as a conventional one - the mechanical characteristics of "Viking" are the same.

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The blade of the forged axe "Viking-Souvenir" is made of strong spring steel of the 60G grade. It becomes solid due to forging and special heat treating. The handle is made of valuable wood: nut wood, ash, oak. We cover the axe with chromium, and then engrave.

Axe «Viking-Souvenir» intends for gifts and souvenirs. It can also be used for woodwork, as it has all the mechanical characteristics, as well as a conventional axe. «Viking-Souvenir» axes can be bundled with leather covers, case «Motorist» and the gift plastic case.

Steel grade: 60G.

Hardness: 48-57 HRC.

Blade width: 120 mm.

Length of handle: 400 mm.

Weight: 1,0 kg.

TS 25.73.10-021-14737939-2019. 


LLC “Izhstal-TNP” is subsidiary of PJSC “Izhstal” (member of the “Mechel” Group) one of the leading Russian producers of special steel and alloys. It is the largest producer of forged axes, hand and wood saws in Russia. “Izhstal-TNP” products are of high quality and unique performance characteristics. 20% of “Izhstal-TNP” axes are exported abroad: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Kirghizia, Romania.

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