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"Alternative energy" LLC | Альтернативная энергия
Alternative Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly thermal equipment. The use of induction heating technology made it possible to create a highly efficient electric heater "VIN" (vortex induction heater), which meets such requirements as reliability, durability, safety and unpretentiousness. These heaters are used to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply and heat supply to apartments, offices, cottages, industrial and domestic premises, supply ventilation, remote settlements, dead-end facilities. Another effective development of the enterprise is the VTG NKh hydrodynamic heat generator. The generator is used for heating oil, oil products and lubricating fluid in pipelines, railway tanks, tanks, technological processes, etc. The company introduces innovative technical solutions into the production of manufactured thermal equipment, improves the technical and operational capabilities of the equipment, thereby expanding its scope. More
"ECO Hands изделия ручной работы" ИП Кузиков А.С.
Production of souvenirs, dishes, clothes, interior elements and furniture from environmentally friendly natural materials.
"Glazovskie valenki"
Felted sheep wool shoes from the manufacturer
"Ruscom" LLC / ООО "Руском"
Manufacture of various types of remote control cable drives for walk-behind tractors, snowmobiles.
"The Golden Bee" Apiary / КФК "Золотая пчёлка"
Apiary "GOLDEN BEE" - this is a personal production and processing of a wide line of bee products with the addition of natural gifts of nature - packaging is designed for different consumers: both for personal use and for a gift to relatives and friends - this is the development of Api-tourism in Udmurtia (excursions to our apiary, sleeping on the beehives, informative conversations with tasting of all our products, development of a culture of consumption of honey and our other natural products) Our apiary is located on ancestral land, in the spring region of the Balezinsky district, in a small endangered village far from roads and factories.
"Vortex" / Вортекс
VORTEX is the largest developer and manufacturer of a wide range of professional products and comprehensive solutions with high cost-effectiveness in the field of cleanliness and protection for various industries. We are distinguished by a systematic and integrated approach to quality management and organization of processes. The VORTEX team invests in the development of the competencies of our partners and customers in order to achieve joint success now and in the future. Today our company has: 200 distributors in Russia Representation of products in each region of the country Shipments of products to all CIS countries and Europe Innovation and scientific laboratory Representative offices in Moscow, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Izhevsk Certification of all products The total area of the occupied territory of the company is 12,000 m²
"Yaloga-NT" LLC / ООО "Ялога-НТ"
Yaloga-NT, LLC Russian manufacturer of complex nutritional supplements, food colors and ingredients.
"ЗАСОНЯ" (ИП Тихонова Галина Ивановна)
Our company produces such products as duvets, complex pillow for sleeping, pillows for pregnant and nursing mothers, frameless poufs, frameless, springless mattresses, decorative pillows. On the market for 10 years.
"Ижевский механический завод"
Joint Stock Company "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant" is one of the largest diversified enterprises in Russia with modern technologies, producing special equipment, civil and service weapons, medical equipment and microelectronics, precision steel casting and some consumer goods.
"Ла-Пастила" / ИП Голдина Екатерина Владимировна
Production of marshmallows from local fruits, berries and vegetables. 0% sugar, preservatives and colorants. More than 20 types of pastille.