The UDMPAY team presented a unique project “Self-service flower shop”.

Friday, 3 November 2023
by Михаил Дубовиков

In September, UDMPAY became a partner of a large-scale event for flower business entrepreneurs, organized by the Business to Business community in Moscow.




As a result, we received interest from Russia, Ecuador and Belarus. We attracted not only the desire to integrate our system into flower shops, but also investors who are interested in becoming shareholders of our project. 

And what is the reason for this success? It's simple - we work smart!

When creating an IT product, we:

✔️immersing ourselves in industry business 

✔️We identify points that take a business a lot of time and resources

✔️we find a solution

✔️We create a product that greatly simplifies the life of an entrepreneur, solving many everyday problems in his business. 13.jpg?1699011557318

Automate sales and accept payments using UDMPAY. Increase your net profit by 100%. Save 100,000 rubles from every 1 million store turnover.


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