Udmurtia IT Summer Camp 2023

Friday, 4 August 2023
by Михаил Дубовиков
Today we had a full house! We presented the international payment service UDMPAY at the largest IT event in Udmurtia Digital Udmurtia IT Summer Camp 2023. The project already has 11 patents in progress!

To demonstrate our patented developments, we launched the BLAGO.UDMPAY.RU charitable project, which allows one payment to make a charitable donation to three foundations at once. To make a payment, just touch your iPhone or Android smartphone to the UDMPAY payment module, which is designed to replace outdated bulky card terminals. Among the visitors, a competition was launched with prizes of 100,000 rubles for the most active Blaga ambassadors.


Look at the photos, almost all the visitors took the UDMPAY modules and helped the foundations to raise funds. Payments are still going through. Even the Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation took the UDMPAY payment module.


By the way, ticket sales before the event and at the entrance, as well as automated control were organized on the UDMPAY software.

The team of the Trading House "Made in Udmurtia" presented investment projects for non-professional investors, thanks to which anyone can earn on the growth of startups. Information about projects can be studied on UDM.MARKET, on UDMPAY.RU/INVEST and in the Telegram bot https://t.me/udmpay_invest_bot

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