Ivan-fermented tea (kiprei) with flowers in a tuesque, 50 grams

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Our tea is collected in an ecologically clean area of Udmurtia, far from cities and highways - the village of Kulemino. Where a consecrated spring flows playing in the sun, giving its moisture to each flower. Ivan-tea "Tea recipes" will warm you with its warmth, because it has absorbed the heat of the June sun. And its fragrance will remind you of the freshness of summer evenings. We have achieved the quality and impeccable taste of our tea thanks to the correct production technology.

Ivan-fermented tea, large-leaved. Ivan-tea does not contain caffeine and has a whole bunch of useful properties:

- anti-inflammatory 

- antiviral 

- increases immunity 

- improves digestion 

- has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system 

- reduces anxiety and stress levels 

- normalizes sleep 

- improves performance 

- helps in recovery after illness 

- prevention of prostatitis

ИП Виноградов В.Ю. Производство и продажа иван-чая оптом и в розницу

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