Board game "Pusy Idnakara"

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Pusy - generic signs of the Udmurts; writing could appear on their basis ... But we use them in the game. The poses are drawn on the edge of the cube; each of them is assigned a known number of points. Be the first to score 100 points by rolling the die - and win!

БУК «ИКМЗ» УР «Иднакар» им. М.Г. Ивановой

The Idnakar Museum-Reserve is the only museum-reserve in the Udmurt Republic and adjacent territories. The basis for its creation was the settlement of Idnakar - a unique monument of archeology of the 9th-13th centuries AD, located on Mount Soldyr; the brand of the northernmost city of Udmurtia - Glazov. The museum contains material about the crafts and crafts of the inhabitants who occupied this territory. Among them were not only farmers, fishermen, hunters, but also many craftsmen - blacksmiths, jewelers, bone carvers. On the basis of the products of the ancient masters of Idnakar, which are now kept in the museum funds, the museum staff make copies of jewelry, household items of that time, and also bring Finno-Ugric ornament motifs into modern fashion. The museum has developed its own painting, where the motif is a floral ornament with khatma flowers, made in the colors of the state symbols of the Udmurt Republic.

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