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Italmas VP - post-milking teat dip solution for livestock complexes.

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Unique Composition:

Antimicrobial Ingredients
A complex of substances that form a protective film
Functional supplements that restore the hoof horn

Complex action:

Effective cleaning of the hoof horn
High antimicrobial activity, wound healing
Filling cracks, improving hoof elasticity

Ease of use:

With hoof baths
Easily diluted in water

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Concentrated disinfectant for the prevention of diseases of the hoof horn of cattle, sheep and pigs.

The product is applied by the method of foot baths or in the form of a spray. Due to the high washing power, it effectively removes dirt, provides long-term protection against the effects of microorganisms due to the formation of a polymer film on the hoof. Fills cracks, improves hoof elasticity, promotes healing of injuries and enhances the regeneration of the hoof horn. Strengthens the hoof and prevents cracking of the horn and sole. Retains effectiveness even when the solution is contaminated!

The ITALMAS HOOF solution is used both as a hoof bath (1-3%) for prevention, and as a spray (5%) if the hoof is already susceptible to disease or after a planned trimming.

ГК Ижсинтез-Химпром

The Izhsintez-Khimprom group of companies is a leading Russian manufacturer of professional detergents and disinfectants.
Since 1996, we have been producing detergents and disinfectants for the food industry and dairy farms.
Thanks to many years of work of experts of the highest class, we produce detergents and disinfectants that can solve the most complex hygiene problems.

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