Painting by numbers "Peonies" 40x50 cm

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A set for drawing by numbers. After opening it, you can immediately start creating. You do not need any special training or additional tools, inside there is everything you need for creativity. Drawing by numbers is very popular in Europe, Japan, and Korea. It is an amazing source of entertainment, meditation, and inner development. With its help, everyone, without exception, will be able to master the art of painting, feel the joy of creativity and discover their inner talents. The set will be a good gift regardless of age, gender and profession, and for creative people, the sets will become simply irreplaceable and open the way to the heights of skill. Drawing by numbers teaches calmness, wisdom, patience, and mindfulness.

For a full rest and development, a person needs to constantly try something new. The set "Drawing by numbers" is an exciting activity that allows you to escape from the routine of everyday life in the best way and benefits, enriching the inner world of a person.

The kit includes: canvas on stretcher coated with a numbered diagram of the future picture; brushes of different thickness, 3pcs; numbered acrylic paint; fastening for hanging pictures on the wall; control sheet - diagram-copy paintings to control the correct application of paint to canvas.

Made in Udmurtia :

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