Honey in a barrel

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Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find natural products, and there are few of them. The modern market is littered with cheap chemistry from plastic utensils.

By creating this product, we primarily seek to improve the health of our customers.

Here are just some of the health benefits of honey:

1. Vitamins and trace elements included in its composition help maintain health
2. Has a bactericidal effect
3. Normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
4. Accelerates tissue regeneration
5. Tones the body
6. Stimulates the function of internal organs
We have it in a wooden barrel treated with beeswax. Such honey will not only improve your health and delight you with natural taste, but will also add a special atmosphere to your table and is ideal as a gift.

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Natural honey in a wooden barrel made of whole linden. Collected in the picturesque forests and meadows of Udmurtia, it has a rich aroma and excellent taste of wild plants. In a wooden barrel sealed with wax, honey will retain its properties for many years.

Lime natural honey

The volume of the barrel is 1l.

Weight with honey 1.6 kg

At our apiary, we strive for eco-standards, we do not use sugar supplements and chemicals in the treatment of bees.

Good honey is thick. In January, acacia, buckwheat and honeydew honey can be liquid. Imported honey can keep a liquid consistency due to a special filtering method when it is briefly heated. Everything else is fake.

Good honey is homogeneous. It should not have lumps and division into layers.

Good honey, flowing down from a spoon, forms a "slide". If it just spreads, it means that there is too much moisture in it - it can ferment.

High-quality honey has no caramel smell and taste. And if they are, it means that the bees were fed with sugar water or the honey was overheated during distillation, which is even worse - at high temperatures it loses its beneficial properties and even becomes dangerous. It produces carcinogens. Good honey makes the throat slightly tickle, it leaves a pleasant long aftertaste with hints of herbs and flowers.

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Manufacture and sale of beekeeping products.

Honey in barrels and gift sets.

Good afternoon
My name is Roman. I am a hereditary beekeeper.
From childhood, my parents taught me to work in the apiary, and to this day I do not stop improving my knowledge in the field of beekeeping.
In my apiary, I strive for eco-standards.
- I do not use chemicals in the treatment of bees! Only the gifts of the forest and the surrounding meadows: herbal infusions, coniferous flour, the aroma of fragrant herbs, both for yourself and for the bees.
I don't use sugar supplements! Only natural honey, since sugar is harmful to the body and bees and humans.

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