Megaohmmeter Е6-40

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Main characteristics:

  • Measuring range from 0.1 Mohm to 450 GOhm.
  • Test voltages up to 2500 volts;
  • Runs at temperatures between -30 and +50 C, (LiFePO4 battery used);
  • Protection IP 67.

Power supplies are built on a modern element base according to an inverter circuit with a linear regulator, which is based on a high-performance microcontroller - which made it possible to achieve the following parameters:

● Wide voltage range from 100 V to 2.5 kV;

● Low error percentage in all measured ranges;

● Universal charging from mini USB;

● Additional protection against contact with live elites;

● Handy control panel - can be operated without removing gloves;

● The device can be fixed on the shoulder and belt.

● Interface availability (optional)

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