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Megaohmmeter PSI-2530

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Megaohmmeter PSI-2530 is designed to measure the insulation resistance of electrical circuits that are not energized, and measure alternating voltage up to 700 V. The presence of a magnetic holder allows you to fix the device to any metal surface.

At the end of a series of measurements, the results from the memory of the device can be transferred to a computer via wireless communication for further processing and entering into the protocol. In gas services, it is also used to measure the transient electrical resistance of the insulating coating of pipelines laid in the ground, as well as new pipes, GOST 9.602-2005 is allowed.

Increased resistance measurement range up to 1 TΩ. The device also allows you to carry out work on testing surge suppressors and arresters, which are widely used in industrial electrical installations and lightning protection elements.


automatic selection of measurement ranges;
protection against connection to a non-de-energized network or sudden voltage supply during measurements;
programmable resistance measurement time from 1 to 10 minutes;
indication of the level of residual voltage on the object after the end of the measurement and its automatic removal;
shock-resistant, dust- and moisture-proof case. Degree of protection IP54;
high noise immunity in the measured circuit;
automatic switch to power-saving mode 2.5 minutes after the end of measurements;
liquid crystal display;
indication of the state of the internal power supply;
battery protection system from overcharging;
protection against incorrect inclusion;
memory for 10,000 measurements, connection with a computer.

The value of the test voltage on open sockets, V

50 to 2500 in 10 V steps

Limit of basic relative error when measuring resistance

1 kΩ to 10 GΩ ± (3% + 3 counts) 10 to 1000 GΩ ± (5% + 5 counts)*

AC voltage measurement range, V


The limit of the basic relative error when measuring alternating voltage with a frequency of 45-65 Hz

no more than δ = ±(5%+3 emr)

Measurement range of classification voltage of surge arresters, V

100 - 1500

Measurement of the breakdown voltage of arresters, V

100 - 3000

DC electrical resistance measurement

  from 0.01Ω to 9.99 kΩ


6 V Ni-MH battery or 5 AA batteries

Working temperature

from - 15°С to +50°С

ООО «ТД «Радио-Сервис» / “Radio-Service”, JSC.

The company "Radio-Service" offers a wide range of electrical measuring instruments for route-finding equipment of various prices, used in various fields of activity. The good quality and affordable price of our products have allowed us to take a strong position in the Russian market.

The instruments we produce include:

  • megaohmmeters;
  • ground resistance meters;
  • loop resistance meters;
  • RCD parameters meters;
  • voltammeters;
  • route finders;
  • marker detectors.

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