Eco-fur as a new round in the fight for animal lives!

Monday, 23 November 2020
by Денис Дмитриев

How easy do you think it is in today's world to find something inspiring?

Once we received this message from a customer:

“I had some not very successful week: I received a scolding at work, my friend couldn't speak out, my husband was on a business trip, and I was tired, in the fall it’s always like this, either you are immensely happy, or you’re ready to never get out of bed. So, I go out on Friday evening after working days, it was already a little frosty on the street, and I saw it - a fur coat! Seriously, in winter I am not at all used to bright things. And this fur coat, it was mesmerizing, bright blue colors and I wanted to follow it with my eyes. I had to ask the girl where she bought it. In the evening, a site with Green Fur coats was waiting for me and it was the one)."

We would like to introduce to you “Green Fur”, a manufacturer of eco-fur clothing. The company has had its own designers and sales throughout Russia and other countries for several years. Great quality, we checked and tried everything ourselves. Interesting models and most importantly - not a single killed animal, Green Peace would definitely shake hands!

All products are made of high-quality eco-fur, which is difficult to distinguish from the real one. Clothing made of faux fur conquers more and more hearts of fashionistas every year. Beautiful, stylish, quality products, and at great prices!

Buying an eco-fur coat on the Udmurtia marketplace is as easy as shelling pears: go to the Green Fur store using the link and send whatever you like to the basket. Experts will professionally advise you, offer convenient payment and delivery methods. For import transactions, they will help to arrange all the necessary documents. For clothing stores, they will help with advertising materials and a ready-made corporate identity.