Drink of the Gods ...

Monday, 15 March 2021
by Алиса Мазитова

This is exactly what they said in the XIV century about ... tea! Yes Yes! Then he was terribly expensive, was available only to the "cream" of society and for six months it traveled from India and China.

Still, the 21st century definitely has its advantages. We can easily go to any shop near the house and buy Ceylon, fruit, berry tea. But there were questions about the quality, when instead of the declared large-leaf in the bag there is dust.

Therefore, it is impossible not to share an absolutely special product on our electronic shelves. Tea that is charged with good mood with a very poetic name "White Wing".
The composition of the fireweed is narrow-leaved fermented, Adams' rhododendron (sagan daila).


Ivan tea with sagan daila is the most natural energy drink that prolongs life, which has a pleasant taste and a powerful healing effect. Ideal instead of coffee in the morning and definitely healthier. Helps to endure increased strength and physical activity, relieves fatigue. The drink increases efficiency and concentration, tones up and relieves fatigue.

Sagan Daila translates as “life-prolonging” - a rare sacred plant, adaptogen and stimulant. It tones, relieves fatigue and bad mood, increases the body's defenses and is a rejuvenating agent. Acts at the cellular level.

Ivan tea or fireweed has a pleasant taste and a powerful healing effect, restores strength, normalizes sleep and fills with vitamins. It is able to normalize the circulatory system of the body by producing hemoglobin and maintaining the acid-base balance in the vessels, restores metabolism, copes well with viruses.

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