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Lathe-screw-cutting machine of 250AT model driven by frequency converter

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  • Screw-cutting lathes of the 250AT model range allow cutting threads (not only inch and metric, but also modular) at a high level of efficiency. For this reason, it is actively used in enterprises to perform such work.

    Due to the wide range of tasks to be solved, the lathes of the 250AT models belong to the advanced technological equipment that allows the production of high-precision parts of various shapes and complexity in the interests of all industries.

    The rotary screw cutting machine 250AT is a universal equipment on which, in addition to turning, it is possible to carry out various types of work such as:

    grinding of external cylindrical surfaces;
    grinding of external conical surfaces;
    processing of ends and ledges;
    grooving and cutting parts;
    boring holes (cylindrical and conical);
    drilling, countersinking, and reaming holes;
    cutting of external and internal threads with a cutter, tap and die;
    shaped turning;
    knurling of grooved surfaces.

Made in Udmurtia :

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