Liquid leather MASTER CITY for shoes/Black

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Restorative material for restoring smooth natural and artificial leather surfaces (shoes, clothing, leather goods,car cabin, furniture).

The product is designed to be used for repairing damages (restoration) from scuffs, scratches and cuts through smooth natural and artificial leather products.

1.  For Scratches, we recommend applying the material in several steps and several layers depending on the damage depth;

2. For Scuffs, we recommend applying the material as thinly as possible;

3. For Cuts (through holes), we recommend sticking a strong elastic piece of the material to the back. For small cuts, the adhesive properties of Liquid Leather will be sufficient. For large cuts (more than 5 mm), we recommend using leather glue. The "scratch" damage is then eliminated.

The kit comes complete with an application sponge and instructions.

Our palette includes 39 colors. Liquid Leather of different colors can be mixed to obtain a precise shade.

We recommend making a test paint on a secluded area before applying.


Frost resistance of up to -25 ° С

Resistant to dynamic loads (stretching)

Forms a moisture-resistant coating

Abrasion resistant

Shelf life of 5 years


Bottle volume 30ml.



1.      Clean the item of dirt and dust. If there are surface imperfections (outpouchings) on the damaged surface, cut them off or eliminate them with grinding material;

2.      Apply a thin layer of the composition on a dry, cleaned surface;

3.      After drying (10-15 min), remove excess material with a moist rag. Where necessary, apply a few more coats (max. 3 coats).


You might sometimes find it convenient to use a cotton swab, a toothpick or a sponge to apply the material.

You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process (t <70C).

Complete polymerization takes 24 hours (before the start of operation of the products).


Do not use for suede, nubuck products!

Made in Udmurtia :

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