The Head of the Udmurt Republic invites to the B2B marketplace of trusted manufacturers and suppliers from Russia

Friday, 25 December 2020
by Денис Дмитриев

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

Dear entrepreneurs,

We have launched the international trading platform UDM.MARKET, where all the companies of Udmurtia will be represented.

This marketplace is designed for the B2B audience and is already actively selling 1,300 products and services from 135 suppliers. Thousands of buyers from 75 countries are already visiting our site.

We carefully check every seller and our Made in Udmurtia Trading House is ready to process every request with high quality, even for those goods that you did not find on the marketplace, but want to buy from Russia.

For example, a clinic from Angola buys medical and personal protective equipment through UDM.MARKET. The transaction amount is more than 3 thousand dollars. The customer saves 1200 dollars - more than 30% because our trading house has the function of consolidating an order from different suppliers and sending it in one container.

You can order a trial shipment of any product with the help of Made in Udmurtia Trading House. We will be your single information center for the supply of goods and services from Udmurtia and Russia. And if you are looking for buyers in Russia, we will present your products on our marketplace.

Join our business community, register for free on the UDM.MARKET and find reliable business partners!

Alexander Brechalov,
The Head of the Udmurt Republic,