Car air purifier Ecolumen UV-Auto-1.0

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"Ecolumen UV-Auto-1.0" is an automobile ultraviolet bactericidal recirculator for air disinfection in the presence of people in cars, minibuses, fixed-route taxis, subway and railway cars, public transport salons and other vehicles by irradiating the air with closed ultraviolet ozone-free irradiation with a length waves 253.7nm. Powered by a 12V on-board network or optionally 24V, has a plug for connecting via a cigarette lighter. An automobile disinfectant is recommended for continuous or cyclic treatment of car interiors and other vehicles. The use of car recirculators is especially important during the period of viral and other diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. Bactericidal ultraviolet radiation is an effective method of suppressing the activity of microorganisms and viruses in the air.

A closed-type bactericidal emitter by forced recirculation of air through a closed ultraviolet treatment chamber, carries out its processing and purification from the viral and bacterial component. The germicidal lamps installed in the device are capable of destroying up to 99.9% of various microorganisms, viruses and bacteria in the interior of your car.
The recirculator "Ekolumen UV-Auto-1.0" can be placed in any position: on a wall, ceiling or floor of a car, installed under a seat or on a luggage rack. The set includes special fasteners for placing the device on the headrest or the back of the seat.
The body of the product is made of galvanized steel or aluminum and has a polymer coating. Painting in any color according to the RAL table is possible.

ООО "Эколюмен"

Ecolumen LLC is a factory for the production of LED lighting and UV air purification systems. Has more than 15 years experience in manufacturing LED lamps, 3 years UV cleaning systems. Components only from reliable suppliers, assembly quality control, qualified personnel all this provides consumers with quality products and uninterrupted supplies.

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