Induction electric heater "VIN-PROM"

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The induction electric heater "VIN-PROM" provides reliable heating of both residential and industrial premises, facilities with increased safety and environmental requirements. The induction heater "VIN-PROM" comes with a modern automated control system, with the possibility of remote control and monitoring, which ensures optimal operation at no additional cost throughout the entire service life when heating large rooms.

Application area:

  • Autonomous heating of buildings, structures, social facilities, etc. with a lack of centralized network capacity / during the off-season
  • Autonomous heat supply for shift camps and temporary structures
  • Heating of buildings, structures in the autumn-spring period to maintain the set temperatures
  • Decentralization of heat supply
  • Heating up the heat carriers of centralized heating networks
  • In addition, the equipment does not require special premises for installation, it is possible to install it in existing buildings and premises, including social ones.
"Alternative energy" LLC | Альтернативная энергия

Alternative Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly thermal equipment. The use of induction heating technology made it possible to create a highly efficient electric heater "VIN" (vortex induction heater), which meets such requirements as reliability, durability, safety and unpretentiousness.

These heaters are used to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply and heat supply to apartments, offices, cottages, industrial and domestic premises, supply ventilation, remote settlements, dead-end facilities.

Another effective development of the enterprise is the VTG NKh hydrodynamic heat generator. The generator is used for heating oil, oil products and lubricating fluid in pipelines, railway tanks, tanks, technological processes, etc. The company introduces innovative technical solutions into the production of manufactured thermal equipment, improves the technical and operational capabilities of the equipment, thereby expanding its scope.

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