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Pigment paste UPC, white (Palizh UPC.K)

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Suitable for water-based paints, organosoluble paints, building mixtures based on cement and gypsum binders, latex products, products based on water emulsion and water-soluble resins.

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Tinting materials (bases):

- water-dispersion paints (based on acrylic, styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene, latex dispersions);

- organosoluble paints (alkyd enamels, oil paints);

- decorative plasters and textured coatings;

- materials for wood protection;

- artistic paints;

- construction mixtures based on cement and plaster binders;

- latex products;

- products based on water emulsion and water-soluble resins.

Ingredients: pigment, water, filler, glycol, additives.ᅠ

Recommended amount of color paste: up to 10% from the total weight of material.

Features of thr pigment pastes UPC:

- high pigment concentration;

- does not change the properties of the colored base;

- accurate color penetration from batch to batch;

- 5 freeze-thaw cycles;

- possibility of weight dosing;

- formulations for RAL, NCS and other color systems;

- possibility to adapt the recipe base to the customer's materials;

- particle size (not more): 5 µm;

- packaging: 1l, 5l, 20l.

Other features: 

color: white;

color index: PW 6;

pigment concentration: 51%.

"Новый дом" ООО / Novyi dom LLC

The Novy Dom company is one of the largest enterprises in Russia for the production of paints and varnishes. The history of the enterprise began in 1998 in Izhevsk with the opening of the production of paints and enamels with 10 jobs. Today it is a modern technological enterprise with its own production and storage facilities, a European-level laboratory, with the latest color measuring equipment, and a developed system of transport logistics. The staff of the company is more than 300 people.

The company specializes in the field of color creation. Today, the company produces all types of pigment concentrates and tinting systems for almost any business area. Many years of experience in the production of tinting pastes and the provision of comprehensive services for coloring various materials has allowed the company to gain the status of an expert in creating color both in the paint and varnish market and in other areas. Specialists of the Novy Dom company provide full service support to customers - they assist in the selection of materials for painting and their implementation in production.

The product range also includes coating systems for all types of surfaces - wood, concrete, metal, etc. All products are manufactured using the best equipment from raw materials from leading world leaders, under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. All produced materials have obligatory certificates of conformity, product quality certificates, hygiene certificates.

The work of the enterprise is carried out according to the quality management system in accordance with GOST ISO 9001, which guarantees consumers the prompt receipt of products and services of stable quality in full.

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