Pigment paste UPC, white (Palizh UPC.K)

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Suitable for water-based paints, organosoluble paints, building mixtures based on cement and gypsum binders, latex products, products based on water emulsion and water-soluble resins.

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Tinting materials (bases):

- water-dispersion paints (based on acrylic, styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene, latex dispersions);

- organosoluble paints (alkyd enamels, oil paints);

- decorative plasters and textured coatings;

- materials for wood protection;

- artistic paints;

- construction mixtures based on cement and plaster binders;

- latex products;

- products based on water emulsion and water-soluble resins.

Ingredients: pigment, water, filler, glycol, additives.ᅠ

Recommended amount of color paste: up to 10% from the total weight of material.

Features of thr pigment pastes UPC:

- high pigment concentration;

- does not change the properties of the colored base;

- accurate color penetration from batch to batch;

- 5 freeze-thaw cycles;

- possibility of weight dosing;

- formulations for RAL, NCS and other color systems;

- possibility to adapt the recipe base to the customer's materials;

- particle size (not more): 5 µm;

- packaging: 1l, 5l, 20l.

Other features: 

color: white;

color index: PW 6;

pigment concentration: 51%.

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