UPKD on the basis of TGNH for winter diesel fuel

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Installation for obtaining winter diesel fuel based on VTG NH.

Power: from 55 to 110 kW,

Capacity: up to 20m3 of the finished product.

Cost: from 2.000.000 to 4.000.000 rubles.

Installation for obtaining winter diesel fuel,
manufactured on the basis of a hydrodynamic generator VTG NH,
mounted in a two-section insulated container.

The proposed installation is a development of the 2011 project on the use of equipment based on the hydrodynamic generator VTG NH, in the technology of obtaining from summer diesel fuel-winter diesel fuel. The installation is mounted in a insulated two-piece container. To start the installation, it is necessary to connect the power cable to the container and connect the pipelines of the input and output lines of the installation, to the containers with raw materials and finished product. One section of the container is the area where power equipment is installed – the VTG NH generator, the DT feed pump, and the high-volume dispenser pump,

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