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VTGNH oil heating unit

Power: 55 to 160 kW

Productivity: up to 40 m3 / h

Cost: from 1,000,000 to 2,100,000 rubles.

The existing equipment with varying degrees of efficiency allows solving problems of heating oil and LFL, removing water, salts, sulfur, as well as other tasks. But the effectiveness of these technologies directly depends on the quality of raw materials and equipment capabilities. And the equipment, unfortunately, is mostly outdated, very energy-intensive, metal-intensive and designed to work with a large volume of raw materials. Most of the equipment was developed and manufactured back in the Soviet Union, when the state paid for everything. Today, a lot has to be changed, including the approach to the selection of the necessary equipment.

The VTG NKh (vortex thermal hydrodynamic petrochemical) generator does not necessarily have to replace the existing methods of heating and processing oil and LFL. The generator is easily integrated into existing technological lines and technological processes, while the process itself becomes more efficient and dynamic. Energy costs for heating and preparation of raw materials for further technological processes are significantly reduced.

"Alternative energy" LLC | Альтернативная энергия

Alternative Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly thermal equipment. The use of induction heating technology made it possible to create a highly efficient electric heater "VIN" (vortex induction heater), which meets such requirements as reliability, durability, safety and unpretentiousness.

These heaters are used to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply and heat supply to apartments, offices, cottages, industrial and domestic premises, supply ventilation, remote settlements, dead-end facilities.

Another effective development of the enterprise is the VTG NKh hydrodynamic heat generator. The generator is used for heating oil, oil products and lubricating fluid in pipelines, railway tanks, tanks, technological processes, etc. The company introduces innovative technical solutions into the production of manufactured thermal equipment, improves the technical and operational capabilities of the equipment, thereby expanding its scope.

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