Tea and coffee pairing: 200 ml ceramic mug and 14 cm saucer, “Latest Reading of Akhmatova”

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Thanks to the master's enthusiasm for the poetry of the Seventeenth century, one of the collections of ceramic products "A new reading of Akhmatova" was born. An indelible impression on the master was made by the work of A. Akhmatova, whose lines of poetry are depicted on all products of this series.

   The difficult fate of the poetess fit into the delicate ornament. The inspiration was the contrast between the difficult life path of the poetess and her work. It is the lines of A. Akhmatova's poems that are engraved on the surfaces of the products of this series, intertwined with traditional Chinese ornament. Each stroke, pattern, color combination is unique.

 Ceramic products are made and decorated by hand from high quality European clay - an environmentally friendly and chemically neutral material. The mug and saucer are completely glazed for strength, durability and easy maintenance. Products keep warm for a long time, do not burn hands, can be heated in a microwave oven and washed in a dishwasher.

  The value of handmade work is in its uniqueness and originality. These products never have the perfect shape and geometry, unlike mass-produced products. They may have slight roughness and irregularities, may differ slightly in size, shade and pattern. All this is the result of handmade work and all these "imperfections" are part of what gives them warmth and soulfulness.

  A pair of tea and coffee from the series "Akhmatova's New Reading" is an ideal gift not only for lovers of hot drinks, but also for true connoisseurs of handicrafts and fans of Russian poetry.

   It is possible to manufacture a product according to an individual design.

Package contents: 1 piece mug, 1 piece saucer

Mug volume: 200 ml

Saucer diameter: 14 cm

Series:  Latest Reading of Akhmatova

VANILIN Мастерская ручной работы Натальи Пантюхиной / Handmade workshop of Natalia Pantyukhina Изготовление керамики ручной работы, обучение гончарному делу

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