Fresh air with the windows closed? Everything is real!

Thursday, 25 February 2021
by Алиса Мазитова

As often happens with us, you open a window in winter - it's cold, close it - it's hot. It's like with a blanket, only here the thing with a leg out does not work :) Therefore, we apply innovations.

The window filter from the Udmurt company "OKFIL" is installed directly into the window frame and immediately starts to work. The master arrives, 30 minutes and you're done! It is especially convenient when your windows do not open at all. Suitable for bedrooms, children's rooms, offices - a universal thing.

You remember that we were taught in childhood that in the stuffy it is bad sleep, and microbes spread at the speed of light. But the truth is! Fresh air, especially in a pandemic, is needed by everyone.

OKFIL-Window-Filter-technology.jpg?1614250005077In the window filter, you can easily change cartridges, you will definitely be amazed at how “clean” air is in your area. And also, of course:
Affordable price
Ease of use
Integration into any design

You can choose a complete set of window filters (with or without a handle) and color (classic white for plastic windows or brown for wooden frames) that is convenient for you.

You can easily choose a window filter for your home on the UDM.MARKET marketplace following the link