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The VIN-VULKAN tank heating unit is based on the VIN-PROM vortex induction heater and has all its advantages.

The work principle is quite simple - – the magnetic fields generated by the inductors heat the walls of the heat exchanger, which in turn heat the heat carrier, whether it be water, oil or any other fluid, such as mixture of water with ethylene glycol.

The VIN-VULKAN system operates in a completely autonomous mode, heating the heat carrier to a temperature in a range from 90°С to 115°С and driving it through a spiral or coil-type heat exchanger installed in the tank. VIN-VULKAN tank heating units provide power from 10 kW to 6 MW and operate at industrial frequency currents of 50Hz, without requiring special converters.

VIN-VULKAN has been tested in various conditions and is a reliable, safe, efficient and durable solution that makes it possible for you to confidently integrate it into any process without excessive start-up and operating costs.

*the price is for the basic configuration of the VIN-PROM 50 kW

"Alternative energy" LLC | Альтернативная энергия Индукционные котлы «ВИН»

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