Cryogenic ambient product vaporizer 50/40

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Cryogenic ambient product vaporizers are high-capacity units the use of which requires no energy consumption and that are efficient for gasification of liquefied oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and natural gas.

For gasification of cryogenic products, the only heat source is ambient energy. 
We manufacture medium-pressure (up to 4 MPa) and high-pressure (up to 30 MPa) ambient vaporizers.
Medium-pressure vaporizers are fabricated using externally finned aluminium tubes, while manufacture of high-pressure vaporizers additionally uses stainless steel tubes.
Medium-pressure ambient vaporizers are used to gasify a cryo product and as pressure build-up vaporizers for cryogenic tanks. 
High-pressure ambient vaporizers are used for gasification when filling cylinders, monoblocks, and recipients with air separation products or with compressed natural gas. They are also used to supply high-pressure nitrogen into oil wells.

Specifications of medium-pressure ambient vaporizer 50/40:

Capacity, nm3/hr*50
Pressure, MPa4
Area, m²15
Mass, kg53

ООО "Криотехника" / Cryotechnika LLC

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