Mini-sawmills Victar

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for the production of slabs of oak, hardbeam, larch, sawing burls (suvel) on tabletops with a width of 99 cm to 200 cm!





Basic configuration:

  • electric chain saw Victar.Giant (6 kW)
  • with frequency converter MSPCH-400;
  • rip sawing machine (frame) with winch component;
  • aluminum profile guide for the first cut;
  • 2 tanks for oil and water;
  • guide bar, chain from 110 to 201 cm.

Additional options:

  • spare parts for one year;
  • handle mounted at the end of the guide bar;
  • chain with a pieces of hard alloy metal welded on its surface


  • heavy lubrication and cooling of the guide bar facilitates chain movement;
  • the winch facilitates the cutting process;
  • the nipple at the end of the guide bar delivers oil directly to the groove of the guide bar;
  • drive sprocket and pitch chain  3/8 ″ allow easy to manage with hardwoods (oak, hardbeam, larch) easily;
  • versatility: it is possible to use the machine as a manual electric chain saw VICTAR with a guide bar from 50 to 201 cm;
  • possibility to get slabs up to 200 cm in width;
  • low energy expenses;
  • suitable for hardwoods;
  • suitable for sawing polymeric materials up to 200 cm in width;
  • compactness and mobility.


Driving sprocket3
Guide bar assembly1
Set of oil seals 49+561
Set of dowels (3 pcs)1
Oil pump1
Bearing 1805031
Bearing 2041












Option with a handle at the end of the bus:








Revies of Mini sawmills of Victar series




Manual option


Manual option

Guide bar, cm110120150150200
Diametr of logs, cm105115145145200
Pinch chain3/8”, chisel tooth, giude bar groove 1,6 mm
Power consumption, min-max4-8 kW
Face handle***++
Removable oil tank+++++
Water tank+++
Victar Компания Victar воплощает лучшие традиции инженерной мысли, реализованные в надежности выпускаемой для Вас техники и доверии наших клиентов и партнеров. Victar - это непрерывное совершенствование технологий для достижения Вами абсолютного лидерства в сфере деревообработки. Наш многолетний опыт сотрудничества позволит Вам оснастить деревообрабатывающее оборудование любой сложности. Также, мы производим Электропилы серии ЭПЧ-3, эволюция которых длится уже более 70 лет!

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